Everything You Need To Know About Telematics GPS Device

Do you want to know how digital telematics technology will make you drive carefully? Your car will spy on you and instantly report your driving style & behavior to the insurance company. The technology will keep track of the drivers who perform badly and tell the police if it thinks that you are going to meet an accident.

Telematics is an amazing method of monitoring the vehicle. This technology combines the GPS system along with the onboard diagnostics so it is possible to keep a record and map the exact location where the car is as well as how fast it is traveling. You can also add communication over 3G network and telematics will use to send both data & communication back & forth between the central management system and a vehicle.

Telematics also used to represent a connected car that includes traffic, live weather, and parking information on the dashboard, voice integrated features and apps. Everyone can make use of telematics because it can use for monitoring fleets of vehicles right from emergency services to courier companies. In addition to, it is also used for tracking a stolen car.

Benefits of Telematics GPS device:

You can save on fuel while idling and speeding:

By reducing driver speeding, idling time, and fast acceleration, you can reduce fuel costs of the vehicle. With this technology, you can derive more savings and ROI in just days.

Avail discounts on Insurance:

Currently, many insurance firms have telematics programs, which able to offer a discount about 15% to 40% for sharing the behavior of your fleet’s driver. You can ask your insurance partners about the discount.

Route optimization for great trip planning:

If the drivers have efficient on optimized routes, it will help to reduce fuel consumption and overtime and enhance productivity as well.

Prevent wear and tear:

By monitoring and reporting of rash driving combined together with the in-vehicle audible warnings feedback, you can easily reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

Have both safety and saving:

By utilizing in-vehicle audible warnings feedback for aggressive and aggressive driving events, you can change the behavior of the driver. This will eventually reduce accidents as well as insurance rates. It also reduced both driver and vehicle downtime.

Stop unauthorized use of a vehicle:

With the detail reports of time and trip history, you can decrease drivers wasting time as well as unauthorized trip and stops. It also reports after hours of vehicle usage. Moreover, it also offers vehicle location for instant theft recovery.

Easily detect engine problems and monitor fault codes

Now, you can stop engine problem before they turned into costly repair with the engine fault code information. The fault code will especially tell you what the engine problem is and where to figure out it. This also helps you save on vehicle inspection time and costs and even vehicle downtime.

You can also schedule vehicle maintenance and reminders

According to the live vehicle diagnostic fault report, you can even prioritize vehicles for repair and scheduled maintenance reminders for your vehicle.

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